Marianne Hornbuckle, contemporary painter and figurative sculptor

Marianne Hornbuckle | contemporary painter & figurative sculptor

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Clays, bronzes, and painting at end of Hornbuckle painting studio
Clays, bronzes and painting in Hornbuckle Studio

I am interested in exploring and expressing the mystery of our world – the nearby and faraway, the human spirit and the universal spirit, the objective and the abstract. I am drawn to the mystery and complexity of the human form expressed by my bronze sculpture, and the expressions of unknowable paradigms of time and space beginning to appear in my paintings. This very broad range keeps me interested and engaged as an artist, and as an individual.

"Painting my inner cosmos..."

Transparent, translucent and opaque colors combine to create surprises. Surfaces present layers of complex color, bright accents and unusual texture. The work, though Western in color use, is informed by Eastern aesthetics and my personal version of Buddhism..

I have been a full-time professional artist for over thirty years. As a painter of large semi-abstract watercolor landscapes, I exhibited widely in Texas galleries, was collected by major corporations, worked with art consultants,and became a Dolphin Fellow of the American Watercolor Society.

On moving to New Mexico, and switching to acrylics, my paintings gradually became more representational as I continued to exhibit landscapes in galleries in both regionally and nationally.

Ten years ago, I began to explore abstraction, leading to the colorful abstract paintings that are my current focus. The paintings have evolved from a more geometric format into the loose expressions of my current work.

I began to represent myself as an independent artist in 2004, showing with the Santa Fe Society of Artists spring, summer & fall, and at my studio in Pojoaque.


"Celebrating the diversity of women's beauty...."

My sculpture concerns involve the diversity of the beauty of the female form, not the idealized iconic figure of our cultural norm.To bring the clay figure into being - the gesture, the line, and subtle musculature combining to make a singular expression of a unique being - seems the ultimate act of creation.

I have been a sculptor for six years. Asked to join a weekly figurative sculpture group and share a model almost 7 years ago, I began to sculpt in plastina, an oil-based sculptor's clay. After a year, I began to cast the figures.I do "cast only", that is I create the clay and make and dress the wax, and cast at a foundry in Colorado and work with a skilled artisan here, who makes the molds and finishes and mounts the pieces.

I have been showing and selling my sculpture, now up to 15 works, since 2009, primarily at the outdoor art shows of SFSA, here in Santa Fe, and through this website.

Throughout my years as a artist, I have drawn regularly from life. I currently teach adult beginning drawing in my studio by appointment.

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