abstract art & bronze sculptureMARIANNE HORNBUCKLE abstract paintings and figurative sculpture

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astract paintings and bronze sculpture by Marianne Hornbuckle
Clays,paintings in Hornbuckle Studio

Sharing my experience of the boundlessness of life– the nearby and faraway, the human spirit and the universal spirit, the objective and the abstract, the circles connecting us all.

"Painting my inner cosmos..."

Transparent, translucent and opaque colors combine in complex surfaces of shape and texture to express the boundlessness of life.

A life-long love of art and innate curiosity have lead Marianne Hornbuckle through many genres into abstraction. Through my colorful acrylic abstracts I have found a way to express my wonder at the mystery of it all. Complex layers of transparent, translucent, and opaque paint, mysterious texture, brilliant and subtle color, intrigue the viewer and bring to mind other worlds, of imagination, of feeling, of emotion, of spirit. The circles so prevalent in my work express connections, oneness, wholeness, the inter-connectedness of us all.

At ten, exposure to the abstract expressionists formed my ideas about art, artists, and the "art-life" -I have been exploring that "mystery" for almost 60 years now, all the while marveling at where it has taken me. 

Self-taught, I have worked and shown professionally in turn in watercolor, oil, acrylic, tinwork, adding clay & bronze some years ago. My subjects have included life drawings, abstracted and representational landscapes, tinwork nichos, florals, watercolor portraiture, geometric abstracts and nudes in bronze. Represented in galleries for 20 years nationally and regionally, published by NYGraphic Society and Joan Cawley, collected by corporate and private entities nationally and internationally, I now represent myself independently using contemporary means. All this satisfiesmy curiosity and continues to move me forward in life and art. 

I began to show with the Santa Fe Society of Artists spring, summer & fall in 2004, as well as at my studio in Pojoaque.

"Celebrating the diversity of women's beauty...."

My sculptures concern the boundless beauty of the female form - the gesture, line, and subtle musculature make a singular expression of a unique non-objectified human being.

I have beensculpting figures for eight years. I work from life. creating the clays and waxes, leaving the mold-making, casting & finishing to others.

I have been showing and selling my sculpture, now up to 15 works, since 2009, at the outdoor art shows of SFSA, here in Santa Fe, and through this website.

Throughout my years as a artist, I have drawn regularly from life, creating expressive portraits of individuals. I currently teach adult beginning drawing in my studio by appointment and create custom watercolor portraits.

Ph/Fax: 505.455-3496 | 303 County Road 84, Santa Fe, NM 87506 | marianne@mariannehornbuckle.com
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